20191030 F&L+CIT’s survey amongst Transport, Freight and Logistics leaders is on the verge of a successful finalization – results will be presented in Naples at F&L’s next assembly

in case you may want to see some more information please click on F&L and the survey F&L and CIT carry out together. Results will be prestented and discussed 20191114 at F&L’s next assembly in Naples.

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20191104 in Baden bei Wien wird Nachgefragt:

The initiative launched by vice-mayor Helga Krismer to provide the citizens of Baden with insights into the current state of science on the challenges society is facing due to climate change, was an excellent achievement of those organising the event (see pic below), which took place in a very pleasant atmosphere. The response was unexpectedly high. And although additional rows of chairs and extra seating in the central aisle were swiftly created, the hall turned out too small so that quite a number of attendees found themselves seated on rushed chairs in the vestibule. The discussion, which continued well into the evening’s social part, was lively and testifies to the strong commitment of the citizens towards the climate change and thereby induced impacts was well as their high engagement in dealing with the challenges that are already being felt at present. A truly successful endeavour. CIT’s keynote may be found and downloaded here.

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CIT-keynote @ Climate Talk Josefstadt – interaktive Diskussion zum Klimaschutz, Bezirksvorstehung 1080

The district council (cross-party) invites citizens to take part in a new format, called ‘ClimateTalk Josefstadt’. See the agenda as well as CIT’s keynote.

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It’ all about facing the challenge together on global scale.

audio clip
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CIT-keynote @ EG CSR: Business-Forum: Vom (Klima)Risiko zur Chance – Wirtschaftskammer Wien: ‚Klimawandel findet statt!‘

20190927: Matulla C., K. Enigl, S. Lehner, J. Tordai, F. Frank, A. Mansberger, J. Tordai, F. Schmid, I. Schnetzer ‚Klimawandel findet statt!‘

Keynote bei EG CSR Business-Forum: Vom (Klima)Risiko zur Chance, Wirtschaftskammer Wien WKO (Agenda). An engaging and important event that gladly also served as a forum for ‘Friday for Future’ (the other pic shows the spokeswoman of this significant initiative, who contributed a presentation as well! Btw – these pics belong to Ubit and were taken by Hans Leitner)

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CIT-keynote @Water scarcity and flood disasters in the Danube region. Perspectives of cross-border cooperation.

20190626: Bundesministerium für Europa, Integration und Äußeres, Alois Mock-Saal, Wien. The River Danube unites ten countries of Central and Southeastern Europe, serves as logistical artery of associated 
economies and supplies energy and water to industries as well as agriculture. However, growing demands for water as well as climate-change driven increases in occurrence-frequencies of droughts, forest fires and flooding disasters all across the Danube region put Europe’s ‘nerve centre’ under pressure. Conflicts over the distribution of water resources between agriculture and industry as well as problems with drinking-water supply are still aggravating tensions. Shortages in the availability of water-resources, climate-change triggered challenges in civil-protection and disaster-control already give cause for concern individually, but above all – together. Hence, these circumstances – capable of severely jeopardizing political stability throughout the entire Danube region – are obviously matters of serious concern.

Five years after the European Civil Protection Mechanism came into force, scientists and experts from environmental- and civil-protection as well as from disaster-control are discussing sustainable solutions and perspectives for cross-border cooperation in dealing with water as a resource. Do we need a cross-border water strategy for the Danube region? How do business, politics and society counter climate-change driven impacts and accelerating shifts in  risk-landscapes regarding natural disasters?

CIT gladly accepted the invitation to give the keynote presentation of this event (see the agenda).

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CIT-keynote @ ‘Climate Summit on the Backbone of Europe’

OÖ_LSTs20190620-21: Hirschwang/Reichenau In sight of the mountains Rax and Schneeberg (water conduits having their sources at the springs located there – which were still built in the monarchy – are known to supply the city of Vienna with high-quality pristine waters. One of the most notable accounts of Vienna’s status as being amongst the world’s cities worth living in year after year) the Green European Foundation – supported by the ‘Grüne Bildungswerkstatt’ – dedicated their 2019 Assembly to the topic ‘Die Berge brauchen ein neues Klima. Wir auch.’ The Agenda of this interesting and very lively conference to which CIT gladly contributed a keynote presentation.

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CIT-Workshop @Managing uncertainty in the global supply chain: why does it matter and how can we succeed?

20190508-10: Hamburg European Freight and Logistic Leaders Forum F&L

On the 9th and 10th of May, the General Assembly of the European Freight and Logistic Leaders Forum took place in Hamburg. This conference united an exceptional broad scope ranging from worldwide leading companies in freight, logistics and transport, over the World Economic Forum and the United Nation’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to the academic sphere represented through e.g. Universities, Research Centres and Weather Services.  This offered F&L and CIT the opportunity to heighten awareness of rapidly threatening  vulnerabilities in the face of accelerating climate change. This was accomplished by a half-day workshop on “Climate Change and Transport”, a breakout session dealing with “Managing supply chain risk and building resilience” and a keynote presentation by Prof. Hans von Storch. Throughout the conference, the upcoming CIT-F&L survey was promoted via a continuously looped video highlighting challenges ahead induced by future, climate-change forced hazard-development corridors.  Its results will not only provide services tailored to F&L members’ needs as well as sufficient information to decide whether available data on extreme-weather triggered damage/loss-events  allow for the application of CIT-procedures  safeguarding  major infrastructure-investments, but will also support WMO in establishing effective  services in its newly established Service Delivery Guide on Transportation. Conference program and further information may be found here

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Graduation Katharina Enigl

20190130 – At the end of January, Katharina Enigl passed her defensio and final exams and completed her master’s degree in meteorology with distinction

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20190317-20, Geneva The goal of this meeting is to exchange expertise on Climate Change, Impacts and Transport as well as working out a chapter on Land Transport, which is going to be part of WMO’s General Service Delivery Guide.

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