Lake Surface Temperature (LST) Reconstructions back to the outgoing ‘Little Ice Age’ (LIA)

20180808 Since this summer was (once again) extraordinary and perhaps because of the summer recess 😉 there was a quite vital reaction of the media to our last study on sea temperature (LST) reconstructions (see e.g. the ZAMG press release). Thereby focus was mainly on the pronouOÖ_LSTsnced increase in LSTs since the 1980s when clean-air-acts got into effect. This caused a significant reduction of industrial aerosols (which reflect incoming solar radiation back to space)  in the atmosphere. Consequently their steadily weakening cooling effect could no longer mask the warming induced by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.

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Excursion to Costa Rica

20180802 Kathi and Fabian from La Gamba

From June 18th to June 30th, 2018 the climatological-meteorological excursion of the department of meteorology in Vienna to Costa Rica took place for the fourth time after the 2011, 2014 and 2016. 12 students (amongst those also Fabian Frank and Katharina Enigl, who are reporting here) were provided with the unique opportunity to experience tropical weather phenomena live with amazement.

One goal of this endeavor consisted in CR-2 in dismounting meteorological gauges, reading off data recorded over the bygone some years, and re-installing them once again at the ‘Tropenstation La Gamba’ located in the country’s Southwest. ‘We also set up a new, handmade weather hut from scratch there.

Apart from that and due to the proximity of several reforestation projects managed by the Tropenstation La Gamba as well, we supported the so-called ‘COBIGA corridor project’ by planting 160 trees. In order to observe and distinguish best conditions for growth performance from others we distributed new measuring devices across the study area where they now record temperature, humidity and solar radiation.

‘During our stay, we learned a lot about difficulties accompanying the operation of measurement networks in the tropics as well as on the predictability of thunderstorms and tropical showers in the low latitudes.’

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5th Climate Film Festival in Baden

20180618-24 Cinema Paradiso Baden
20180618_KlimaFilmTageBaden Cinema Paradiso Baden, the municipality of Baden and the Energy and Environment Agency Lower Austria (eNu) present the Climate Film Festival Baden for the fifth time. Rising sea levels, melting glaciers, heat waves, super-taifune and other environmental disasters are almost part of everyday life. Climate change has long been a reality. For one week Cinema Paradiso presents exciting and award-winning films and lectures concerning climate change, energy transition, resources and environmental change. Invited experts, filmmakers and climate researchers are the source of interesting discussions (see the program here). On Mo, 18.6.18, 7 pm, Al Gore’s new film ‘Still an inconvenient 20180618_KlimaFilmTageBaden_pic01truth – time is running out’ is followed by a panel discussion with Dr. Alfred Strigl (Österr. Institut f.Sustainable Development), Dr. Christoph Matulla (CIT/ZAMG), Vice-BgmIn. Dr. Helga Krismer, Carmen Jeitler-Cincelli  moderated by Johannes Kaup (Ö1).

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A Changing Landscape and the Race to the ‘New Normal’

20180524-25 Gothenburg European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum F&L


F&L_logoapart from an excellently organised, multifaceted supporting programe, which encouraged to network in a lively atmosphere, this meeting dealt with outstanding presentations, discussions and contributions on the following topics of general interest: Autonomous logistics – where are we and what does it mean for the supply chain? Autonomous Driving; Autonomous Shipping // Digital future of freight transportation // Enabling industry to exchange data in a secure and collaborative way // Building a new model for the international supply chain – what might this mean for participants?  (please see here for more detail). Some examples that illustrate the importance of cooperation between research and freight, logistic and transport industry leaders can be found here.

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BASt BMVI Expert-Network Workshop Berlin

20180516-17 Berlin German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure – BMVI : BASt Expert Workshop on Climate Change induced Hazards to European Transport Infrastructure.

BASt-BMVI-ExpertWorkshopsThis Meeting was attended by Swiss, German and Austrian Road Authorities as well as by Experts of the National German and Austrian Weather Services , the BASt, Austrian Environment and Technological Agencies. Against the background of the European TEN-T transport corridors, various national strategies regarding sensitivity, criticality and risk analyses as well as support in decision-making were at the centre of the discussions. Here you may find our pulse presentation, which was given amongst others.

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Designing Ensembles of Climate Change Projections – DACH Action 10

20180508-09 Zurich Trilateral meeting of national weather services (agenda) – Germany (DWD), Austria (ZAMG) and Switzerland (MeteoSWISS) – on the establishment of a common strategy for local- and regional-scale climate change projections. Particular focus is on: which (i) pathways of manhood should be considered in order to contrast results best against each other, (ii) chains of production to apply, (iii) policies behind the scenes : arenas and actors, (iv) stakeholder-needs, (v) preparation and correlation and pilot studies/study-areas. Constructive, very motivating discussions – there are actually lots of cuts for the development of synergies :-). A contribution to these discussions summarizing  contributions of our own may be found here.

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Ingenieure Ohne Grenzen IOG – TU Wien – Klimawandel und Hochwasserschutz

20180426 IOG MR. Dipl.-Ing. Franz Schmid (BMNT) and Christoph Matulla gave a presentation on Climate Change induced risks concerning floodings and how lessions learned in Austria (e.g. HQ100 in 2002 and 2013) may be implemented in various other regions of our world.

20180426_IOG_Vortrag_04 20180426_IOG_Vortrag_03

20180426_IOG_Vortrag_01 20180426_IOG_Vortrag_02

IOG is an organization worth to know and it is interesting to follow their activities around the planet Please click here for more details (a summary and presentation of the association IOG). Our presentations may be found here : Climate Change, Risks and floodings and floodings in Austria, lessions learned, Risk management and hands on Information.

20180426_IOG_TUWIEN_01    20180426_IOG_TUWIEN_05 20180426_IOG_TUWIEN_06    20180426_IOG_TUWIEN_07

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Innovation – Forum of the Niederösterreich’s Energy and Environment Agency – in Großschönau

20180424 A rather exciting event in Großschönau (announcement) : the so-called ‘Innovationsforum 2018’ initiated by the ‘Energie- und Umweltagentur Niederösterreich’ with several talks, prominent guests from politics and the awarding of honours to communities enaged in environmental and climate protection. Amongst several presentations one focussed on climate. We cannot make other talks available here, but they may be requested from

Innovationsforum Großschönau_25-04-2018-C-M.Ruhrhofer Innovationsforum Großschönau_25-04-2018-C-M.Ruhrhofer (2) Innovationsforum Großschönau_25-04-2018-C-M.Ruhrhofer (4) Innovationsforum Großschönau_25-04-2018-C-M.Ruhrhofer (5)

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extremA – Austrian Assessment Report on EXTREMES – Storms

20180419 the Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism (BNMT) mandated to establish a assessment report  on extreme events in the European Alps.

extremA extremA Workshop – we (an international team of colleagues working on storms) contribute to the Austrian Assessment Report on Extremes through a chapter on Storms. The presentation given on this occasion may be found under ‘talks’. More information concerning this workshop may be found here.


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EGU 2018 : PressConference / Presentations

20180412_EGU_PressConferenceWe contributed with eight presentations to the European Geophysical General Assembly 2018 (Enigl, Mansberger, Ressl, Frank, Hollosi, Tordai, Scheifinger, Schlögl, etc.), which can be found under ‘Talks’. Amongst these presentations one was highlighted by the EGU and a Press Conference on it (Potential future exposure of European land transport infrastructure to rainfall-induced landslides throughout the 21st century by Matthias Schlögl and Christoph Matulla) was organized. The paper given on this occasion can be found here.

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