Ingenieure Ohne Grenzen IOG – TU Wien – Klimawandel und Hochwasserschutz

20180426 IOG MR. Dipl.-Ing. Franz Schmid (BMNT) and Christoph Matulla gave a presentation on Climate Change induced risks concerning floodings and how lessions learned in Austria (e.g. HQ100 in 2002 and 2013) may be implemented in various other regions of our world.

20180426_IOG_Vortrag_04 20180426_IOG_Vortrag_03

20180426_IOG_Vortrag_01 20180426_IOG_Vortrag_02

IOG is an organization worth to know and it is interesting to follow their activities around the planet Please click here for more details (a summary and presentation of the association IOG). Our presentations may be found here : Climate Change, Risks and floodings and floodings in Austria, lessions learned, Risk management and hands on Information.

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