Designing Ensembles of Climate Change Projections – DACH Action 10

20180508-09 Zurich Trilateral meeting of national weather services (agenda) – Germany (DWD), Austria (ZAMG) and Switzerland (MeteoSWISS) – on the establishment of a common strategy for local- and regional-scale climate change projections. Particular focus is on: which (i) pathways of manhood should be considered in order to contrast results best against each other, (ii) chains of production to apply, (iii) policies behind the scenes : arenas and actors, (iv) stakeholder-needs, (v) preparation and correlation and pilot studies/study-areas. Constructive, very motivating discussions – there are actually lots of cuts for the development of synergies :-). A contribution to these discussions summarizing  contributions of our own may be found here.

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