Excursion to Costa Rica

20180802 Kathi and Fabian from La Gamba

From June 18th to June 30th, 2018 the climatological-meteorological excursion of the department of meteorology in Vienna to Costa Rica took place for the fourth time after the 2011, 2014 and 2016. 12 students (amongst those also Fabian Frank and Katharina Enigl, who are reporting here) were provided with the unique opportunity to experience tropical weather phenomena live with amazement.

One goal of this endeavor consisted in CR-2 in dismounting meteorological gauges, reading off data recorded over the bygone some years, and re-installing them once again at the ‘Tropenstation La Gamba’ located in the country’s Southwest. ‘We also set up a new, handmade weather hut from scratch there.

Apart from that and due to the proximity of several reforestation projects managed by the Tropenstation La Gamba as well, we supported the so-called ‘COBIGA corridor project’ by planting 160 trees. In order to observe and distinguish best conditions for growth performance from others we distributed new measuring devices across the study area where they now record temperature, humidity and solar radiation.

‘During our stay, we learned a lot about difficulties accompanying the operation of measurement networks in the tropics as well as on the predictability of thunderstorms and tropical showers in the low latitudes.’

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