Together with F&L in ‘Climate Impact on Transport, Freight and Logistics’ mission – joint working visits to UNCTAD, WMO and the World Economic Forum

20181104-06 Geneva

FL+CITIn the course of the intensifying cooperation between The European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum (F&L) and the Climate Impact Team (CIT @KLFOR/ZAMG) in the realm of ‘Transport, Freight and Logistics in a world under accelerated aggravating Climate Change’, joint working meetings were held at the United Nation’s Conference on Trade and Development (UNCADT), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO, whose predecessor: the International Meteorological Organization ‘IMO’ was founded 1872 in Vienna at ZAMG) and the World Economic Forum. This not only enabled fruitful discussions and exchanges of views, but also the establishment of valuable contacts, which would later lead to cooperation.

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