CIT-keynote @ EG CSR: Business-Forum: Vom (Klima)Risiko zur Chance – Wirtschaftskammer Wien: ‚Klimawandel findet statt!‘

20190927: Matulla C., K. Enigl, S. Lehner, J. Tordai, F. Frank, A. Mansberger, J. Tordai, F. Schmid, I. Schnetzer ‚Klimawandel findet statt!‘

Keynote bei EG CSR Business-Forum: Vom (Klima)Risiko zur Chance, Wirtschaftskammer Wien WKO (Agenda). An engaging and important event that gladly also served as a forum for ‘Friday for Future’ (the other pic shows the spokeswoman of this significant initiative, who contributed a presentation as well! Btw – these pics belong to Ubit and were taken by Hans Leitner)

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