20191104 in Baden bei Wien wird Nachgefragt:

The initiative launched by vice-mayor Helga Krismer to provide the citizens of Baden with insights into the current state of science on the challenges society is facing due to climate change, was an excellent achievement of those organising the event (see pic below), which took place in a very pleasant atmosphere. The response was unexpectedly high. And although additional rows of chairs and extra seating in the central aisle were swiftly created, the hall turned out too small so that quite a number of attendees found themselves seated on rushed chairs in the vestibule. The discussion, which continued well into the evening’s social part, was lively and testifies to the strong commitment of the citizens towards the climate change and thereby induced impacts was well as their high engagement in dealing with the challenges that are already being felt at present. A truly successful endeavour. CIT’s Keynote (announcement I + II) may be found and downloaded here

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