Medizin Populär / NÖN & Land Niederösterreich : Climate & Health / 30jähriger Krieg – special issue

Medizin populär: the main article deals with potential consequences of climate change (based on interviews).

20180412_MedizinPopulaer 20180401_NÖN

Land Niederösterreich published a special issue on the Thirty-year war, which contains a chapter on the climate of that time. From the medieval climate optimum through the Little Ice Age (LIA) to the beginning recent warming, which we gladly contributed.

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Diplomatic Academy Vienna ETIAtalks What a disastrous World it is

Talk 1: Natural Disaster Prevention Friday, 13th October 2017, 7pm, Festsaal Diplomatische Akademie Wien, UN International Disaster Prevention Day

Avalanches, floods, earthquakes, storms, droughts and extreme weather are unfortunately not unknown natural disasters that (re)occur on an increasing level in Austria. Against the background of climate change and global warming, the discussion on how to prevent or – in the disastrous occurence of such an event – how to manage natural disaster situations, is as pressing one as ever.

Therefore this first panel discussion on “Natural Disaster Prevention” should highlight Austria`s efforts towards disaster control and natural disaster prevention on the occasion of the International Day on Natural Disaster Prevention, Friday 13th of October 2017.

Thanks to its special topography, no region in Austria is not effected by extreme weather. Next to regional damages, approximately every three years a natural catastrophy causes insured damages of more than 200 Million Euros, with an increasing tendency. The Alps experienced double of the 1°C climate warming compared to the global warming. It is therefore highly necessary to take measures to prevent such natural catastrophies from happening, through precise climate models and disaster control organization.

Did you know that … in July 2016 in 1140 of the 270 weather stations of ZAMG more than 40mm of rain fell in only 24 hours? In comparison: the average total rainfall in July in Austria is 130mm. … Austria experiences 5 to 10 tornados each year? … around 600 earthquakes are registered in Austria every year? … lets you know if you live in a danger zone? Come and join us for our panel discussion on October 13th if you want to know more about how prevention is done to prevent disasters!

20171013_ETIAtalks_participants_poster ETIAtalks01 

Speakers: Priv. Doz. DI Dr. Florian Rudolf-Miklau : Head of Department Torrent & Avalanche Barriers, Austrian Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Mountain Risk Engineering, University of Natural Resources Vienna / Priv. Doz. Mag. Dr. Christoph Matulla : Senior Scientist, Climate Impact Group within the Climate Research Unit, ZAMG, National Meteorological Service of Austria, Senior Lecturer University of Natural Resources Vienna, University of Vienna, University Salzburg, University Graz / Dr. Susanne Hanger-Kopp : ETH Zürich, Climateprotection & – adaptation, EU climate adaptation policy, IIASA Research Scholar Risk and Resilience / Dr. Eberhard Faust : Munich Reinsurance Company, leading expert on global risk solutions on natural hazards in the Geo Risks Research/Corporate Climate Center / Moderator: Magdalena Meergraf : Journalist The GAP, Monopol, Biorama, Kurier Health Extra. See here for more details.

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European Freight and Logistics Leaders – Conference in Baveno Nov. 2016

FL_Milano_201611_Matulla_JongenEnd of November (23th to 25th) the European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum (F&L) hosted a conference on ‘Crossing the Alps – Connecting Europe, opportunities North, South and East of Italy‘ in Baveno close-by Milan (please see the Agenda here). Discussions and presentations covered a broad range of thematic fields as: Quantifying traffic flows over the Alps; Corridor strategies; Creating critical mass and efficiency competitively deep into the hinterland; Smarter utilization of infrastructure; Shipper’s trans-alpine flows; Interviews amongst which one was with Romano Prodi (10th President of the European Commission, twice Prime Minister of Italy, …); And many more significant topics involving large scale European commercial harbors, the Chinese Silk Route into Europe — one Belt, one Road, … — please see the Agenda (below) and for further details the F&L Leaders Website (here). Aside from the topics, which all carry quite some weight for Europe’s future prosperity this conference was under the shadow of BREXIT and the US election. Nonetheless, it was certainty a splendid and exceptionally fruitful event that stimulated discussions, relationships  and future co-operations between European Leaders in Freight, Transport and Logistics.

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June, 2016 F&L The European Freight and Logistics Leaders’ Forum

CHANGE: Europe 2020 — Business As Usual?

Socio-Economic Change – Climate Change – Technological Change -> What are the IMPACTS?

Next week the F&L Freight and Logistics Leaders Europe host an international Conference on the Future of Transport, Trade, Freight and Logisitcs in Vienna.

F&L_Matulla_8.1We are very pleased and glad to be invited to give the key note on Future Climate Change Threats — Resilience/Sustainability of Infrastructure. This Conference and others of such kind address the urgent need to protect our infrastructure — backbone of Europe’s prosperity — against hazards that evolve in the wake of Climate Change. Quite a big order. Agenda FL Vienna 2-3 June 2016 Final if you’re interested in the presentation you may find it here: F&L_keynote_Matulla

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January 19, 2016 CliPDaR @ CEDR, Brussels

matulla_cedr_brusselsEnd of 2015 the Conference of European Road Directors (CEDR) kindly invited us to give a final presentation of CliPDaR, which we carried out under the lead of the DWD. Next to the presentation you may find the Announcement of this distinguished organized Conference, which was the official end of the CEDR-DoRN 2012 Call – within which the research projects ROADAPT and CliPDaR were funded. Through the DoRN2012 funding CEDR contributes valuable research findings to the current body of knowledge considering Climate Change and European Transport. You can find both the presentation and the “Save the Date” announcement on the “Talks” page.

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November 2015: Poster price @ MeteoroligInnentagung

November 2015: at the 6th Austrian MeteorologInnentagung (a meteorological conference see doc 1) Brigitta Hollosi won us a so called Poster-price with a presentation of our project SNORRE. (please see doc 2).

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Ocotber 20, 2015: Announcement CEDR 2015 in Brussels: Webstreaming available!

  Webstreaming also now available for CliPDaR and ROADAPT final conference: register today!

  You only have one week left to register for the final conference of CliPDaR and ROADAPT, the two Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) projects from the CEDR Call 2012 on “Road owners adapting to Climate Change“. If you cannot join physically, take advantage of the webstreaming that is now available to follow the first day of the event – you just need to choose that option on the registration form and then log onhere.  Click here to see the latest programme.

You can download the announcement on our “Talks”-Page.

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September 18, 2015: Announcement CORDEX/ALCUE NET conference

09/21/2015—09/23/2015 we will participate in the CORDEX/ALCUE NET Conference in Bogota, Columbia having the goal of generating information at the interface between climate change modelling and assessing the impact of anthropogenic climate change on ecosystems (biodiversity). Event link

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Juli 10, 2015: Mobile Version Launched!

After the successful launch of our Desktop, our version optimized for mobile devices is online!

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8. Juli 2015: Die Website ist online!

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