Committed to science and in accordance with international practice, climod serves supra-institutional the free exchange of information between different fields of research. The form is based on that chosen by role models working in the natural sciences.

Der Wissenschaft verpflichtet und nach international gelebter Praxis dient climod überinstitionell dem freien Austausch von Informationen verschiedener Forschungsfelder. Die Form orientiert sich an der von, in den Naturwissenschaften tätigen, Vorbildern gewählten.

Concerning climate change we (contributing colleagues) aim at answering so called ‘if-then’ questions. Thereby our primary focus is on the European Alpine Region. Hence, we share in international endeavors enlarging the current body of knowledge via research contributions that comply with international standards common in science. At the same time, it is important to inform the public about the current state of knowledge and to work on solutions with partners from various sectors affected by climate change.