02/03/2020: Christoph Matulla, Katharina Enigl, Sebastian Lehner, Matthias Schlögl, Theresa Schellander-Gorgas, János Tordai,’Climate: past, present, coherent futures & remarks on potential impacts on ecosystems as on Austrian forests‘, Keynote 

16/01/2020: Christoph Matulla, Katharina Enigl, Sebastian Lehner, Matthias Schlögl, János Tordai, ‘Klima – Vergangenheit, künftige mögliche Entwicklung & Bemerkungen zur MobilitätKeynote at 4. Internationaler Fachkongress “Vernetzte Mobilität”

10/12/2019: C Matulla, K Enigl,M Schlögl, S Lehner, J Tordai, A Macnab, P Evans, G Roser, S Muchemi, G Flemming, W Dabberdt, S Grimes, P Leviäkangas, ‘Factoring future, climate-driven impacts on Supply Chain operations & Transport Infrastructure in decision-making’ Keynote at Symposium: Climate Impact Assessment for European Transport Infrastructure, Berlin 

15/11/2019: presentation of ‘F&L+CIT’s ‘User Needs’ survey-overview, results and beyond’ at F&Ls General Assembly, Naples

04/11/2019: C. Matulla, K. Enigl, S. Lehner, M. Schlögl, J. Tordai, ‘Klimakrise – über Ursachen und Optionen’, Keynote at Nachgefragt: Wie ändert sich unser Klima?, Haus der Kunst, Baden

22/10/2019 17:30-19:45: Matulla C., K. Enigl, S. Lehner, J. Tordai, T. Schellander-Gorgas, M. Schlögl, CIT-Keynote @ Climate Talk Josefstadt, Vienna

16/10/2019: A reproducible flood forecasting case study using different machine learning techniques, presentation by Sebastian Lehner, ECMWF, Reading, UK

27/9/2019 9:00-11:00: Matulla C., K. Enigl, S. Lehner, J. Tordai, F. Frank, A. Mansberger, J. Tordai, F. Schmid, I. Schnetzer ‚Klimawandel findet statt!‘ Keynote bei EG CSR: Business-Forum: Vom (Klima)Risiko zur Chance, Wirtschaftskammer Wien WKO. (Agenda) An engaging and important event. 

20/09/2019: MATEHIW // MAchine learning TEchniques for High-Impact Weather, presentation by Sebastian Lehner, ECMWF, Reading, UK

09-11/09/2019: International Mountain Climatology Conference, Innsbruck. Within the Workshop tightly bound to CLAIMES we contributed this presentation.

26/06/2019: KeynoteImpact-Forschung bringt mehr Weitblick im Hochwasserschutz“ to the panel discussion „Wasserknappheit und Flutkatastrophen im Donauraum“, Federal Ministry of Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs

20-21/06/2019: Keynote to the conference ‘Climate Summit on the Backbone of Europe’, Die Grünen, Hirschwang/Reichenau (program can be found here)

17-18/06/2019: presentation of the project ‘CLAIMES’ at ÖAW Workshop „Transdisziplinäre Forschung als Chance für Responsible Science“, Ignaz-Seipel Platz, 1010 Vienna (Program and flyer)

23/05/2019: Conference of the Austria-wide leading company in refrigeration and air conditioning technology – Bösch. KeynoteKlimaänderung bei ‚Megatrend Kälte‘ KulturRaum TRENK.S, Marchtrenk, OÖ (the program can be found here)

24/04/2019: ‘Final Conference GoApply Project: Shaping the Future of Climate Change Adaption in the Alpine Countries‘: poster presentations by Christoph Matulla, Sebastian Lehner, Katharina Enigl, Fabian Frank and Andreas Mansberger

7-12/04/2019: EGU2019, Vienna (AUT): We have submitted several abstracts and present them as posters on Tuesday, April 9th, in Hall X5 from 10:45-12:30 (presentation boards X5.121, 122, 123, 124 and 127). Sebastian presents his work on Wednesday, April 10th, from 14:00-15:45 on poster board X5.105. We look forward to your visit 🙂

Abstracts can be found here:

Derivation of canonical total-sequences triggering landslides and floodings in complex terrain of the European Alps by Katharina Enigl, Christoph Matulla, Matthias Schlögl and Franz Schmid

Decision theory based procedure for forward-planning sustainable protection measures based on ensembles of flooding occurrences driven by different pathways of mankind until 2100 by Fabian Frank, Christoph Matulla, Franz Schmid, Katharina Enigl, Matthias Schlögl and Ingo Schnetzer

Conductance of an Optimization of the Analog Method between coherency and captured information and generation of ensembles of flood-occurrence-corridors driven by three pathways of mankind by Andreas Mansberger and Christoph Matulla

Weather regime dependence of extreme temperature and precipitation events across Austria’s part of the European Alps as well as thereby triggered hazard occurrences jeopardizing society by Sabine Hittmeier and Christoph Matulla

A new procedure in support of decision-making to sustain current high levels in civil protection and Europe’s supply-chain jeopardized by increasing climate-change driven damage-events by Christoph Matulla. Katharina Enigl, Andreas Mansberger, Fabian Frank, Franz Schmid, Matthias Schlögl and Ingo Schnetzer

Detection and Attribution of anthropogenic climate impacts on phenological phases by Sebastian Lehner, Christoph Matulla and Helfried Scheifinger

05/04/2019: Chistoph Matulla gave a presentation at the event ’45 Jahr-Feier der NÖ Berg- und Naturwacht Ortsgruppe Wilhelmsburg zu Ehren von Herrn Franz Stiefsohn’

20/03/2019:  DACH2019 conference in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (DE). We contributed several presentations, which may be found here:

Etablierung der umfassendsten nationalen Datenbank wetterinduzierter Schadprozesse für Österreich und Ableitung kanonischer Niederschlags-Sequenzen für Hangrutschungen und Überflutungen in komplexem Gelände by Katharina Enigl, Christoph Matulla, Matthias Schlögl and Franz Schmid

Entscheidungstheorie zur optimalen Planung nachhaltiger Projekte im Bevölkerungsschutz basierend auf Ensembles künftiger Überflutungskorridore bis 2100 getrieben von drei Entwicklungspfaden der Menschheit by Fabian Frank, Christoph Matulla, Franz Schmid, Katharina Enigl, Ingo Schnetzer and Matthias Schlögl

Solving an Optimization problem under two side conditions: the Analog Method between coherency and captured dynamics AND establishing robust ensembles of regional-scale climate-change projections by Andreas Mansberger, Christoph Matulla and Franz Schmid

18-19/03/2019: WMO meeting ‘Ad Hoc Expert Team on Meteorological Services on Land Transportation’ at Geneva, Switzerland. Further information and related documents can be found here.

19/02/2019: European Freight and Logistic Leaders’ Forum (F&L) webinar ‘Climate change: how can we safeguard supply chains and ensure security of supply for customers?’ The whole webinar can be watched on Youtube. Mag. Dr. Matulla’s presentation can be seen here in detail.

29/01/2019: BMNT Wien: Final presentation of the three master theses to the heads of the departments ‘Schutzwasserwirtschaft’ and ‘WLV and Schutzwaldpolitik of the BMNT. The whole presentation can be found here.

10/01/2019: Submission of the master theses by Katharina Enigl and Fabian Frank from the cooperation between the University of Vienna, ZAMG and the BMNT:

Creation of an Austria-wide event-database and evaluation of the correlation between local weather development and extreme events; Katharina Enigl MSc

Ensembles of flooding occurrences driven by different pathways of mankind until 2100 and decision theory for forward-planning sustainable protection; Fabian Frank BSc

31/10/2018: Master-Seminar at the University of Vienna – Katharina Enigl, Andi Mansberger and Fabian Frank gave their final presentation concerning their scientific projects.

28/08/2018 BMNT Wien: Master thesis meeting (Presentation by Katharina Enigl and Fabian Frank can be found here)

14/08/2018 BMNT Wien: Master thesis meeting:  Discussion on risk assessment and progress of the master theses (Presentations: Fabian Frank, Katharina Enigl)

08/05/2018 Zürich, MeteoSWISS : trilateral meeting of national weather services  – Germany (DWD), Austria (ZAMG) and Switzerland (MeteoSWISS). Many constructive, very motivating discussions – there are actually lots of cuts for the development of synergies :-).

26/04/2018 TU Wien, Ingenieure ohne Grenzen (IOG): MR. Dipl.-Ing. Franz Schmid (BMNT) and Christoph Matulla gave a presentation on Climate Change induced risks concerning floodings and how lessions learned in Austria (e.g. HQ100 in 2002 and 2013) may be implemented in various other regions of our world (announcement). IOG is an organization worth to know and it is interesting to follow their activities around the planet.Our presentations may be found here : Climate Change, Risks and floodings and floodings in Austria, lessions learned, Risk management and hands on Information.

19/04/2018 extremA – Austrian Assessment Report on extreme events – Workshop at the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism : the talk we contributed on this occasion may be found here : please see : presentation

13/04/2018 Lange Nacht der Forschung, Vienna/AUT: the event was well visited at ZAMG; many people came to the presentations, changing exhibits and guided tours. please see: announcement and presentation

12/04/2018 EGU2018, Vienna/AUT: Press Conference (presentation) about Potential future exposure of European land transport infrastructure to rainfall-induced landslides throughout the 21st century by Matthias Schlögl and Christoph Matulla

08-13/04/2018 EGU2018, Vienna/AUT: We contributed several presentations, which may be found here:

Identifying best performing empirical, statistical Downscaling approaches linking large-scale atmospheric evolutions to regional-scale occurrences of floods, landslides and heat waves in the European Alps Andreas Mansberger, Christoph Matulla, and Franz Schmid (the abstract can be found here)

Risk analysis of infrastructure damage induced by extreme weather events for Austria in the 21st century Fabian Georg Frank, Christoph Matulla, and Franz Schmid (the abstract may be found here)

Creation of an Austria-wide event database and evaluation of correlations between local scaled weather development and extreme events Katharina Enigl, Christoph Matulla, Franz Schmid, and Theresa Schellander-Gorgas (the abstract can be found here)

Linking ground phenology with the NDVI derived from remote sensing observations Hans Ressl, Christoph Matulla, and Helfried Scheifinger

Highlight Landslide exposure of Europe’s road and rail infrastructure in a changing climate Matthias Schlögl, Christoph Matulla, and Konrad Andre

Derivation of ensembles of local-scale, bias corrected climate change projections across two Austrian river catchment areas – a contribution to UnLoadC3 Christoph Matulla, Brigitta Hollosi, Karsten Schulz, Bano Mehdi, Christoph Schürz, Thomas Ertl, and Alexander Pressl

Lake Surface Temperatures in the European Alps from 1880 to 2100 – Reconstructions and Projections derived at twelve lakes located within the complex topography of Austria Christoph Matulla, Manfred Ganekind, Matthias Schlögl, Hans Ressl, and Barbara Chimani

The Generalized Uncertainty Estimation and Sensitivity analysis Scheme (GUESS) for performing sensitivity analyses with discrete model input factors (Christoph Schürz, Bano Mehdi, Alexander Pressl, Thomas Ertl, Brigitta Hollosi, Christoph Matulla, and Karsten Schulz

04/04/2018 BMNT ‘Copernicus nutzbar machen’ WS, Vienna/AUT (announcement): Bewertung von Adaptionsstrategien im Klimawandel (Presentation: Fabian Frank, co-authors: Katharina Enigl, Andreas Mansberger, Christoph Matulla, Franz Schmid)

20/03/2018 ÖGG, Vienna/AUT (announcement): Der Mensch – vom Klimagetriebenen zum Klimatreiber. Klimaforschung an der Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie
und Geodynamik

27/02/2018; ZAMG, Vienna/AUT: ALAWA_past und DWD-ZAMG-EPISODES (for a list of co-authors see title page)

02/02/2018; ZAMG, Vienna/AUT: STARC IMPACT – WP5-Guidelines (co-authored by: Barbara Chimani)

31/01/2018; Master-Seminar at the University of Vienna – Katharina Enigl and Andi Mansberger gave first presentation concerning their scientific projects, which may be found here: Katharina Enigl Andi Mansberger

28/01/2018; Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, Vienna/AUT (agenda): Masterthesis meeting and presentation of Eigentechniques & statistical analyses–Methods to achieve our goals within the establishment of early warning systems (co-authored by: Franz Schmid, Katharina Enigl, Andreas Mansberger, Fabian Frank)

24/01/2018; University of Vienna, Department of Meteorology and Geophysics, Vienna/AUT: First presentation of Masterthesis “Observation of phenological phases from space” (authored by: Hans Ressl, hosted by: Christoph Matulla, Helfried Scheifinger)

25/10/2017; FH Technikum Wien, Vienna/AUT: Klimawandel und anthropogen induzierte Impacts –Herausforderung und Chance für die Entwicklung erneuerbarer Energieressourcen

13/10/2017; ETIAtalks/Diplomatic Academy of Vienna/AUT (announcement + information + participants + summary): Natural Disaster Prevention (video)

21/08/2017; European Forum Alpbach/AUT (programm): Global Weirding? Climate change and population dynamics (for a list of co-authors see title page)

22/03/2017; AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, TECHbase Vienna/AUT (programm): Anthropogener Klimawandel – unser Weg von Klima-Getriebenen zu Klima-Treibern

06/03/2017; Science – Die Wiener Volkshochschulen – VHS Wien,Vienna/AUT (announcement): Klimawandel – 5 vor 12? – Science day

09/11/2016; Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW), Vienna/AUT: VIOLA–die nationale UnwetterSchadensDatenbank – damage-understanding, charging, prevention (co-authored by: Reisenhofer and Andre)

24/05/2016; The Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW), Vienna/AUT: VIOLA–die nationale UnwetterSchadensDatenbank – damage-understanding, charging, prevention (co-authored by: Reisenhofer)

27/10/2015; Diamant Center Brussels/B (announcement + “Save the Date“): Application of CliPDaR climate guidelines by Road Authorities,

28-30/04/2015; 16. Österreichischer Klimatag, Vienna/AUT: Downscaling als Entscheidungshilfe – Hydrologische Adaptionsmaßnahmen. (co-authored by: Brigitta Hollosi, Karsten Schulz, Christoph Schürz, Alexander Pressl, Thomas Ertl, Mehdi Bano Batool)

24/03/2015; Seniorenbund Wien-Penzing, Vienna/AUT: „Akademischen Wirtshaus“ im Prilisauer – Klimawandel: Ist die Welt noch zu retten? (co-authored by: Brigitta Hollosi, MSc)

29/10/2014; ZAMG Vienna/AUT: Verkehrsinfrastruktur und Klimawandel (for a list of co-authors see title page)

16/04/2014; TRA2014 Transport Research Arena Paris/FRA (flyer, questionaire): DESIGN GUIDELINE FOR A CLIMATE PROJECTION DATABASE AND SPECIFIC CLIMATE INDICES FOR ROADS: CLIPDAR, CLIPDAR part 2 (co-authored by: Brigitta Hollosi, MSc)

17/06/2009; ZAMG Vienna/AUT (announcement): Klimamodellierung an der ZAMG (co-authored by: Anders, I. and M. Hofstaetter)

10/06/2009; ZAMG Vienna/AT (invitation): Klimawandel in Österreich – die letzten 20.000 Jahre … und ein Blick voraus (co-authored by: Prof. Schmidt, Prof. Psenner)

03/06/2009; VÖWA Innsbruck/AUT (programmm): Entwicklung des globalen Klimas und Auswirkungen auf Österreich

07/05/2009; IWHW BOKU, Vienna/AT (announcement): Future climate scenarios for Central Europe (for a list of co-authors see title page)

15/04/2009; Schinzepreis 2009, ZAMG Vienna/AT (announcement): Der Einfluss der Definition von Ähnlichkeit auf die Leistung der Analogmethode zum Downscaling von Niederschlag

02/04/2009; ZAMG Vienna/AT: climate modeling at ZAMG (coauthored by: Anders, I. and M. Hofstaetter; revised Version)

17/03/2009; INTERPRAEVENT Klagenfurt/AUT (invitation, newspaper article KLEINE ZEITUNG): Überhitzt – Die bisherige Klimaänderung und Extreme

25/02/2009; ZAMG Vienna/AUT (announcement): “Ist es in Österreich stürmischer geworden?”

29/01/2009; DWD Offenbach/GER: The Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) and our efforts in climate research and modeling – an attempt of stock taking

22/12/2008; EC Toronto/CAN (announcement):  The media, politics and climate change – how well do they work together? Some remarks from the German-speaking part of Europe

12/11/2008; 5. NÖ Katastrophenschutzfachtagung Tulln/AT: Unwetter im Sommer, Orkane im Winter – Ist das schon der Klimawandel?

04/11/2008; GKSS Research Centre, Geesthacht (announcement): Do we already see the climate change signal in European storminess?

27-29/10/2008; Consortium for managing the scientific research on the Venice lagoon Venice/IT: Workshop “The climate in the Venetian and North Adriatic region”

24/10/2008; Waldviertel Akademie (www)/ Volkshochschule Horn/ SZENE BUNTE WÄHNE Horn/AT: Klimawandel

21/10/2008; Österreichische Aerosol-Vereinigung, WKÖ Vienna/AT: Die Debatte über den Klimawandel

17/10/2008; 40. Geburtstag Interpraevent Klagenfurt/AT: Überhitzt – Die bisherige Klimaänderung und Extreme

02/10/2008; Bilateral meeting DWD-ZAMG Vienna/AT: Klimamodellierung an der ZAMG

24/09/2008; 2nd Verbund-Forschungsforum 2008 Vienna/AT (invitation, press statement, www, News): Klimawandel und Extremereignisse

14/04/2008; EGU Vienna/AT: Storminess in Eastern Canada, Northern and Central Europe (pdf) (coauthored by: von Storch, H.)

08/04/2008; COST Innsbruck/AT: Scenarios for Global Change (coauthored by: Coy, M; Stötter, H.)

13/03/2008; 10th Austrian Klimatag Vienna/AT ÖGM Bulletin: Die Vergangenheit des Klimas begreifen um dadurch seine Zukunft simulieren zu können – Drei Jahrhunderte Klimavariabilität im Alpenraum aus Messungen und Modellen (pdf) (co-authored by: Böhm, R.)

13/03/2008; 10th Austrian Klimatag BOKU Vienna/AT: The evolution of storminess since 1880 along Canada’s East, Northern and Central Europe (pdf) (co-authored by: von Storch H.)

04/03/2008; Tagung für Führungskräfte im tiroler LFD Innsbruck/AT: Der Klimawandel und seine Auswirkungen – globale und regionale Aspekte (pdf) (co-authored by: Böhm, R.; Auer, I.; Schöner, W.; Orlik, A.; Jurkovic, A.; Hynek, B.; Kroisleitner, Ch.; von Storch, H.; (Hasse) Alexanderson, H.; Wang, X.)

28/02/2008; Wegener Zentrum Graz/AT: Stürme

17/04/2007; EGU Vienna/AT: Storminess: Examples from Northern America and Europe (pdf) (co-authored by: Wang, X.L.; Wan, H.; Alexandersson, H.; Schöner, W.; von Storch, H.)

25/01/2007; CCRM Toronto/CAN: Taking Stock (pdf)

01/02/2006; AMS Atlanta/USA: Verification and application of the Analogue-Method to project local scale precipitation from different GCM scenarios: a case study within the US Sierra Nevada and the European Alps (pdf)  (co-authored by: Zhang, X.; Wang, X.; Wang, J.; Wagner, S.; Zorita, E.)

04/10/2005; RegClim Oslo/NO: Application of statistical downscaling methods to classical and new tasks (pdf) (co-authored by: Schöner)

02/03/2005; FishClim BOKU/AT: Beurteilung der Auswirkungen möglicher Klimaänderungen auf die Fischfauna anhand ausgewählter Fließgewässer (pdf) (co-authored by: Schmutz, S.; Melcher, A.; Gerersdorfer, T.

21/10/2004; Österreichische Aerosol-Vereinigung, WKÖ Vienna/AT: Aspekte des Klimawandels (co-authored by: Auer, I.; Böhm, R.; Scheifinger, H.; Schöner, W.)

20/04/2004; 8th Austrian Klimatag BOKU Vienna/AT: Ein Vorschlag die Analogmethode für Extremereignisse fit zu machen (pdf) (co-authored by: Zorita, E.; Wagner, S.; Gerersdorfer, T.; Haas, P.; Formayer, H.; Kromp-Kolb, H.; von Storch, H.)

11/11/2002; GKSS Institutsseminar Weißenhäuser Strand Schleswig Holstein/DE: Symmetry of Empirical Downscaling models under time translations

25/06/2002; Institut für Küstenforschung GKSS Forschungszentrum Geesthacht/DE: Über das Auffinden homogener Niederschlagsregionen in äquatorialen und mittleren Breiten (co-authored by: E. Kamdem Penlap)

19/04/2002; Österreichische Statistische Gesellschaft Vienna/AT: Statistische Verfahren zur Ableitung von Beziehungen zwischen verschiedenen Skalen und deren Anwendung in der Klima- und Szenarienforschung

before 2002: incomplete list

30/11/2001; Defensio IMP/BOKU Vienna/AT: Regionalisierung in der Klimatologie. Klimaänderungsszenarien für Österreich

03/04/2000; 6th Austrian Klimatag BOKU Vienna/AT: Temperatur und Niederschlagsveränderung in Österreich als Input für ein Vegetationsmodell

21/04/1999; Institutsseminar IMP/BOKU Vienna/AT: Verwendung der Empirical Orthogonal Functions (EOFs) zur Datenanalyse meteorologischer Felder und Bemerkungen über Downscaling vermittels multipler linearer Regression (co-authored by: Groll, N.)

H. Baier, R. Brunner, C. Matulla, W. Bentz, 1998: Der Einfluss der Quark-Diquark Struktur des Nukleons auf die Zustandsgleichung der Kernmaterie. ÖPG 1998

R. Brunner, N. Fröhlich, C. Matulla, H. Baier, W. Bentz, 1998: Relativistische Mean-Field Näherung mit dichteabhängigen Kopplungen aus dem relativistischen Sigma-Omega Modell in 1/N Expansion. ÖPG 1998

W. Bentz, H.Baier, C. Matulla, 1997: Das nichtlineare Sigma-Modell für nukleare Materie. ÖPG 1997

18-19/09/1995; Fachtagung für Kern- und Teilchenphysik, Jahrestagung Österreichische Physikalische Gesellschaft, Admont/AT: Chirales Modell zur Beschreibung von nuklearer Materie (ÖPG, 169)

19-20/09/1994; Fachtagung für Kern- und Teilchenphysik, Jahrestagung Österreichische Physikalische Gesellschaft, Obergurgel/AT: Quantenhadrodynamische Zustandsgleichungen zur Beschreibung von Supernova-Explosionen und Neutronensternentstehung (ÖPG, 153)

H. Baier, R. Brunner, N. Fröhlich, G. Hejc, R. Jurisits, C. Matulla, P. Pohl, 1994: Untersuchung von Kaonproduktionsraten in Schwerion-Kollisionen unter Verwendung der 1/N-Zustandsgleichung für hadronische Materie. ÖPG 1994